The newest Big scam in video advertisers and app developers that phone Battery is emptying!

In the meantime, many of the phone batteries are rapidly flowing to consumers
While some advertisers found a new way to earn money from pushing streaming video advertises in some apps using developers does not knowingly engage in any fraudulent activity to users of smartphone and Finally draining the battery of smartphone continuously playing online streaming video in background.the fraudsters told ‘did a very good job at hiding and Confused what they were doing’ and were ‘quite Advanced in the thinking behind how they can monetize that video inventory.’

The “Fraudsters are purchasing the cheap in-apps display inventory and they are filling it with third party developed open source multiple video players behind innocuous fake branded display ads,” said Asaf Greiner, the CEO of Protected Media.

Image Source by Doubleverify for scam work.

Finally the scheme is said to have led to the creation of 60 million fraudulent video ads per month, according to DoubleVerify.