The first electric tractor in India

The First Electric Tractor

Electric bikes, electric cars, electric stoves, etc. We have long heard about diesel, petrol and other fuels and other electric vehicles. But now we hear about the first electric tractor in the history of the country. Designed by Hyderabad-based Startup Celestial E-Mobility. The usable model was unveiled on Wednesday. Made with 6 hp capacity to transport cargo in parks, airports, factories, and warehouses. Siddhartha Durairajan, co-founder of the company told the media that it is similar to the 21 hp diesel tractor. “The price is under Rs 5 lakh. You can also get a subsidy from the government. A diesel tractor costs Rs. 150 per hour, and costs between Rs.20-35. Once charged it travels 75 km. The speed is 20 km per hour. The battery life of 5-8 years. It has a factory in Balanagar with a capacity of 100 tractors per month. The Celestial Electric Tractor model is not new to India. Tractor maker Escorts showcased its first electric tractor in 2017. But that model is yet to be seen in series production. In this backdrop, Celestial E-Mobility is planning to bring in its new e-tractor by the end of 2020. If all goes smoothly, the company says it will produce 8,000 e-tractors over the next three years.
The company is now focusing on the practice of certificates required to launch a model-only e-tractor in the right market. So market sectors are expecting better demand for electric tractors at this time. Celestial E-Mobility assures that Zero Emission Eco-Tractor e-Tractor will serve all needs of agriculture and industry.