The biggest hack in American history

Nowadays all the information is left in small pieces of wires and storage devices. That wire travels through the pieces and reaches the larger servers. You need login credentials along with the right equipment to view that information. Encryption methods should be known if the information is highly confidential. Despite this security, hackers are able to gather sensitive information by hacking. Hackers are creating new malware by tagging intelligence servers of different countries and servers of multinational companies. Cybersecurity agencies say there are about ten major hacking attacks a year. Recently there was the biggest hacking attack in American history. The U.S. government and companies listed on the Fortune 500 have been hit hard by the attack. This cyberattack is called Solar Winds Hack. The details are for you.

What is SolarWinds Hack?

The Solar Winds Hack is the name of a hacking attack on the US government, those government agencies as well as top private companies. Solar Winds is the name of a network monitoring company here. The hack alerted the cybersecurity company FireEye, US Intelligence. A malicious code has entered the company’s network through a software update called Orion, developed by Solar Winds. FireEye later said that with the help of this code, hackers were able to take control of those companies’ networks. It also said hacking had been going on since March when Corona Lockdown was in its infancy.

Who was affected?

The hack is believed to have targeted the US Treasury, the Homeland Security Department, the Commerce Department and parts of the Pentagon. Solar Winds provides network monitoring services through its Orion software to government agencies and leading private companies. The software automatically detects if there is any image on the network and takes appropriate action to ensure that the information is carefully monitored. Solar Winds, however, says the hack could affect as many as 18,000 of its clients.

How did the attack take place?

This hacking attack by Solar Winds is called Supply Chain Attack. The hackers targeted a company that provides third-party services directly to the US government, agencies, and private companies for failing to do so. All of these are supplied by Solar Winds’ Orion software. The software was hacked and hacked by hackers directly into the client network. Solar Winds did not say who was behind the attack. However, an American official said that Russian hackers may be behind this. Also, American cybersecurity experts suspect that the APT 29 may belong to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service SVR. The U.S. Cybersecurity Agency has ordered Solar Winds to immediately stop using their Orion products as soon as FireEye is alerted about the hack. This severely affected the revenue of the Solar Winds company. Solar Winds has submitted a full report to the Securities and Exchange Commission on the hack. The company lost $ 343 million after the news of the hack. Its stock price also fell 25 percent.