Technology: Do you know the differences between WiFi and Bluetooth?

WIFI and Bluetooth.

The range of smartphone usage has increased in recent years. All those using the smartphone no longer need contacts about Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. And in the wake of the day-to-day growth of technology, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is now commonplace. But, most people lack the understanding of both. The difference between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, in particular, may not be known. Surely the answer to such is now.

Bluetooth is a technology that shares information without wireless to a certain distance between the two devices. The Bluetooth connection can respond to up to 10 meters. The Bluetooth application has spread to other communication devices such as mobile phones and laptops. The device that receives the file you are sending through the Bluetooth feature on your phone must have a Bluetooth feature. When it comes to WiFi .. this system can connect to any number of devices. This makes sharing information much faster. The Wi-Fi system uses frequency range radio waves from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Likewise, any Wi-Fi-based device can access the Internet if there is no security code clause within the Wi-Fi base. Similarly, the Wi-Fi system can respond to up to 100 meters.