PUBG Mobile India: Good news for users with old IDs on PUBG Mobile.

image from: Pubg Mobile India website announcement

The world-famous PUBG mobile game will once again be available to Indian consumers. The game was banned by the central government a few days ago. The company says it has changed its policies in line with the rules and created a new pubg game. Speculations are growing on how the new game will unfold. It is possible that the new game will have the same gamer IDs used before the ban. This means that those who want to play the PUBG Mobile India game do not need to create a unique ID. Achievements, rewards, and skin with the old ID will reappear.


PUBG Corporation will work with its parent company, KRAFTON Microsoft, on new game data storage. These companies will use Microsoft‌ Azure cloud services. Pubby worked with Amazon Web Services for data storage at the time. But in October 2017 the company switched to Microsoft Azure for the PUBG Xbox version mobile game data storage. It is now expected that Pubji will use Azure for mobile, PC, and console versions of data.

PUBG Corporation recently released an announcement about the new game. Following the banning of this game in our country, the company announced that they are developing a new game called PUBG Mobile India. He said that various aspects of the game have been adjusted specifically for India. ‘We have made some changes, especially for Indian gamers. We have developed the latest features like Virtual Simulation Training Ground, Green Hit Effects, and Game Time Limits to promote healthy gameplay habits among young players, ‘said Pubby Corporation.

KRAFTON, the parent company of PUBG Corporation, has come forward to invest in our country. The company will invest about $ 100 million in the video games, sports, entertainment, and IT industries. PUBG Mobile India Game will be owned by a new Indian subsidiary company from now on. Details of when the new game will be released have not been officially revealed. The developers only said that the game will be released soon. It is also not clear whether PUBG Corporation and its Indian subsidiaries have Government of India approvals or approvals in this regard. Fans are waiting to see when the new game will come out.

All images source from PUBG INDIA WEBSITE.