People with BP should not take these at all.

When the blood clots, the cholesterol in the blood rises and the blood flow in the arteries stops. The result is increasing pressure on the blood. Because… blood behind… pushes the stopped blood forward.

The stagnant blood is unable to move forward and the stagnant blood is unable to stop. Under those conditions comes high blood pressure (high blood pressure).

However, in addition to the use of tablets, care should also be taken in terms of health. But let’s see what foods people with high blood pressure should not take today.

Coffee: Coffee is high in caffeine. People with high blood pressure are advised not to drink coffee. Coffee quickly raises blood pressure, so it is best to avoid coffee as much as possible.

More salt: It is better to reduce salt as much as possible. It is better to use salt instead of salt. In the same way, those who suffer from high blood pressure should avoid adding salt to salads and fruits altogether.

Sugar: Sugar does not have a direct effect on BP. People who are overweight have high sugar intake which can lead to problems like obesity and high blood pressure. Cholesterol problems come in the same way.

Bread: People with high blood pressure should not eat bread. Bread is made with flour and butter so it is best for those who suffer from BP to stay away from it.

Processed Meat: Do not take it as it has high sodium levels.

In the same way, more salt is present in things like sauce, chutney, pickles so it is better to reduce them as well.