Modi Sarkar is another big project public WiFi

The Modi government is moving ahead with another huge project. PM Wi-Fi Access Network Interface-PM-Wani is close to starting a serious project. The plans are approved by the Union Cabinet. PM-Wani aims to supply public Wi-Fi service. The Modi government is getting to found out the most important Wi-Fi network in India. Union Minister Shankar Prasad said that public data centers are going to be found out across the country for this purpose. there’ll be no license, fee, or registration for this. He said the plan was designed to market the expansion of the Wi-Fi network within the country. Union Minister Shankar Prasad said traders would get services from Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, or other internet service providers and supply Wi-Fi in their area. additionally to increasing employment through public Wi-Fi, small and medium enterprises are expected to extend revenue. Overall, the trouble will help boost the country’s GDP.

PM-Wani Features: The PM Wi-Fi access network interface is exclusive:-

The PM Wi-Fi Access Network Interface-PM-Wani has different players. Public Data Office-PDO, Public Data Aggregator-PDOA, App Provider, Central Registry, etc. the general public Data Office-PDO will found out and maintain Wi-Fi access points. Provide broadband services to subscribers. the general public Data Aggregator-PDOA oversees authorization and accounting matters. App providers are liable for creating the app for Wi-Fi hotspots found out by the PM-Wani project. The Central Registry contains details of app providers, Public Data Office-PDO, Public Data Aggregator-PDOA. The Central Registry is maintained by the middle for Development of Telematics C-DoT. The central government will found out one crore data center across the country for these. The Union Cabinet has approved submarine glass fiber connectivity between Kochi and Lakshadweep.