If you own a credit card, some of the terms are the main reasons you must comply with your card.

If you have been inactive for a few months, some banks to raise the stratum card directly to your credit card will be canceled. To avoid such a situation, you must adhere to credit card terms. Generally, it is advised to use the card every 3 or 4 months.

You must make a minimum payment each month on a credit card loan, and if you stop making such payments, banks will have to cancel your credit card account. But in an unusual case, if you can’t pay, your account will not be canceled but the card provider will temporarily leave your account. After being charged Ata to your account can be used as usual.

5 reasons why an issuer may close your card

Credit card issuers notify the cardholder 45 days in advance of any interest rate or annual fee increase on the card, during which the cardholder rejects the proposed terms in case the cardholder does not like the new interest rates, your account will be closed and the pending amount will be paid in advance.

The expiration date on each credit card comes with a print, which means that the card is only valid for that period. So, to continue using the card, you need to replace your old expired card with a new one. The credit score is the ability to repay your debt. And when you delay or default on minimum payment dues and interest rate charges, your credit score goes down, and in these cases, banks can choose to cancel your credit card completely.