How to use your iPhone as a webcam?

The whole world is currently suffering from the fear of the coronavirus epidemic. People are all working from home without going to their offices. However every day they are conducting their activities through video conferencing. If you have a webcam that does not work on the PC or computer you are using, then if you are thinking of buying a new one for office meetings and video conferencing, you can turn your Apple iPhone into a fully functional webcam instead.

Since the Apple iPhone does not come with the built-in webcam feature by default, there are many third-party apps that allow users to turn the iPhone into a webcam. Applications like EpoCam and DroidCam, which offer webcam features, can turn an iPhone into a webcam.

How to turn an iPhone into a webcam

1: Open the App Store app on your iPhone and download the “Epocom” app.

2: Now go to on your Mac or Windows PC. Then download the corresponding companion software on your pc.

3: After installing the required app on the pc, restart the pc.

4: Then open the Epocom application on your iPhone.

5: Now connect the iPhone to the pc via USB cable or connect both the pc and the iPhone with the same Wi-Fi network connection.

6: After connecting the two in the correct network(same wifi device), Epocom will automatically detect the computer and start streaming the video from the iPhone camera to the connected pc.