How to fix the Internet DNS problem…!!!

Network connection settings

How to fix a DNS problem first thing is verified if you really have a DNS problem press windows key and R to open the Run menu and in run type cmd and press enter in command prompt type ping and press entering requests cannot find host now because I know the server is online and accept ping request domain name server is like a phone book who allow you find a host by name if I can reach the host by IP but I can’t reach the host by name can conclude this is a DNS problem. Go to network connection to change the DNS IP address press windows key and R type ncpa.cpl and enter to open network connection directly or right-click on the windows key and select network connections choose ethernet select change adapter options to right-click on your network card select properties here select IPv4 or IPv6 this depends on your network setup select properties in DNS, add a working DNS IP address click on ok click on close now, you can check if you have internet now if you still don’t have internet.

Open command prompt you can type ipconfig / release press enter and ipconfig / renew press enter If this doesn’t work you can type another command, ipconfig / flushdns press enter and type ipconfig / registerdns and press enter it hope this information is informative for you. Thanks for visit please share this post on Fb for help to others.