First electric car from Apple. ‘Self-driving’ technology

Apple’s first car in 2024: Global IT giant Apple is focusing on the first electric car. It plans to produce this electric passenger car by 2024. The car model will be designed with self-driving systems and battery technology. It is unknown at this point what he will do after leaving the post. But there are signs that Apple is going to produce the first passenger car.
Apple has also planned to make cars in the past. But, those plans were immediately put on hold. In 2015, there was news that Apple was going to develop a new car. But in 2016, the Apple team wanted to build a full-fledged car for its project. Now it looks like the Apple team is focusing on refocusing with the same plans.

Is making the necessary arrangements to obtain a license for the software offered for the manufacture of this electric car. The company fired 200 of the team it hired for Apple car production last year. But, now Apple is focusing on new technology electric vehicle design. There is uncertainty on when this may happen.
According to Reuters, Apple aims to build a passenger electric vehicle by 2024. Due to delays in many aspects of the epidemic. The vehicle is expected to be completed in 2025 or in the years to come.
LIDAR Systems also offers self-driving technology. Apple battery technology also seems to be coming with the MonoCell design. Apple has not yet made any announcement on self-driving car manufacturing planning. This electronic Apple car is likely to face many regulatory difficulties if it is to hit the road. It is already offering Advanced Driver Assistance driving even in some cars like Tesla.