D2H Steam Launches Android Based Set-Top Box and D2H Magic Stick in India

D2H Steam Launches Android Based Setup Box and D2H Magic Stick

D2H has released two new connected devices in India. One is an Android-based set-top box named after the D2H Stream, and the other is an Amazon Alexa Support Voice-enabled stick, announced by D2H Magic. The D2H Steam Setup Box has been launched for new subscribers at a price of Rs. 3,999. When it comes to D2H Magic, it is priced at Rs 1,199. However, it has announced that it will only offer selected customers.

D2h Stream

The D2h also transmits this Internet-enabled Android-based HD set-top box. It runs on the newest Android TV 9.0 OS. Unlike TV channels, it provides access to the Google Play Store, allowing the viewer to download and stream content from OTT platforms. It supports the popular OTT platforms such as Watch, Amazon Prime Video, Zee 5, Voot, EliteBology, YouTube and many more. What’s more, it works with any television. It comes with a built-in Google Assistant, Chromecast, and superior Dolby Audio. It allows users to stream content directly from any device to their TV screens. Furthermore, users can operate and control it with simple voice commands using Alexa’s built-in remote.

D2h Magic Stick

The D2h Magic Stick is a voice-enabled kit with dongle and remote operated by Amazon Alexa’s power. It allows users to access popular OTT apps and thousands of Alexa skills through existing set-top boxes. The d2h Magic (voice-enabled) with Alexa-powered remote control includes Wi-Fi dongle, Bluetooth and Alexa-enabled remote control. Subscribers can use voice commands as a clear and preferred interaction with the set-top box to book cabs, get the latest news, information and recipes, set reminders for their favorite programs, ask for recommendations on trending programs, and access their account. Details, ‘Call Me’ requests can be recorded and a wide range of topics ranging from movies to music to sports and more.